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Fleck Carbon Tanks

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Fleck carbon tanks are a reliable name in the water filter industry in the USA. They are made by Pentair Corporation. You can find VERY reasonable prices on a Fleck carbon tank here. Great for public water supplies or private wells.

Fleck 5600 Features:

drop_bullet2Constant water flow for ultimate filtration.

drop_bullet2Uses no electricity.

drop_bullet2Removes contaminants, gases, metals, pesticides, herbicides and chlorine from water.

drop_bullet2Reduces bad taste, odor and chemicals.

drop_bullet2Upflow carbon filter.

Activated Carbon Filter w/ Tank

Description SKU # Price Purchase Here
Structural Mineral Tank with Quality Fleck Upflow Valve 1.0 cu. ft. (5-7 gpm) CB10 $295.00
Structural Mineral Tank with Quality Fleck Upflow Valve 1.5 cu. ft. (8-11 gpm) CB15 $319.00

Premium Fleck Carbon Tanks

Great for higher flow rates.

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drop_bullet2Premium Digital Fleck Control Valve.

drop_bullet2Chlorine free water for the whole house.

drop_bullet2Eliminates the need to replace carbon added to softeners.

drop_bullet2Filters chlorine and chemicals from bathing water.

drop_bullet2Activated carbon for both city and well water.

drop_bullet2Removes smell, odor, taste, chemicals, chlorine, organics, and most sediment.

Description SKU # Price Purchase Here
9″x 40″ tank with .75 cubic ft. PCB09 $495.00
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10″x 40″ tank with 1.0 cubic ft. PCB10 $595.00
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10″x 54″ tank with 1.5 cubic ft. PCB15 $695.00
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12″x 52″ tank with 2.0 cubic ft. PCB12 $895.00
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Do you have a private well? And are unsure what size you need? A simple flow rate is the best way. It is easy to do. It only takes few minutes to do it yourself. Here is how:

Flow Rate Check:

1. Go to the nearest faucet you can find AFTER the pressure tank. It is best if you can find a faucet that is placed where you can also hear the pump turn on and off. If you have not got a faucet where you can hear the pump turn off and on you may need some one near the pump to shout to you when they hear the pump come on and off.

Turn the faucet on and run water. The instant the pump turns on, turn the faucet off and time how many seconds the pump run before it turns itself off. Then write the number of seconds down. That is step 1.

2. Then you will start drawing water in a container that you can measure how many of gallons of water you have, such as a five gallon bucket or a one gallon container such as a plastic milk container. You simply draw water until the pump starts again. At the instant the pump starts again you will stop drawing water and make a note of exactly how many gallons (and partial gallons) you collected before the pump came on again. We will use the seconds and gallons you have recorded to determine your flow rate. For example: If you had the pump run initially for 30 seconds and then later were able to draw 5 gallons we would know your flow rate is 10 GPM.

Fleck Carbon Tanks for great tasting water!