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Water Conditioners

Water Conditioner models feature state of the art Fleck control valves. The # 1 home water conditioner valve on the market today. Every component we use is the very best in quality and workmanship. We never skimp or use after market parts or items. Only the best! Water conditioners, carbon filters, turbidity conditioners, acid neutralizers all found here!!


Carbon Water Conditioner

Key Benefits

drop_bullet2Gets rid of that horrible pool water smell.

drop_bullet2Keeps chlorine gas out of your showers for healthier water.

drop_bullet2Great for the skin in the showers.

Fleck 5600 Activated Carbon Backwashing Filter

Carbon filter is great for city water removal of chlorine, dirt, smells, tastes, arsenic and other unwanted chemicals. A great addition for chlorinated well water with low flow rates as well.

DescriptionSKU #PricePurchase Here
5600 9″x40″ Mineral tank .75 cubic ft.56C-940$399.00
Carbon water conditioner water filter system.
5600 10″x40″ Mineral tank 1.0 cubic ft.56C-1040$499.00
Carbon water conditioner well water filtration system.
5600 10″x54″ Mineral tank 1.5 cubic ft.56C-1054$599.00
Carbon filter and conditioner for well water and city water filter systems.


Acid Neutralizer Water Conditioner

Key Benefits

drop_bullet2Keeps acid water from eating up your pipes.

drop_bullet2Fixtures stay beautiful for many years.

drop_bullet2Saves money spent needlessly replacing hot water heaters over and over.

Fleck 5600 Acid Neutralizer Backwashing Filter

This acid water filter protects pipes and plumbing by adjusting water with low pH readings. Makes other water treatment equipment components last for many more years.

DescriptionSKU #PricePurchase Here
5600 9″x40″ Mineral tank .75 cubic ft.56AN-940$579.00
Fleck 5600 backwashing acid neutralizer tank for raising pH in well water.
5600 10″x40″ Mineral tank 1.0 cubic ft.56AN-1040$659.00
Fleck 5600 backwashing pH tank acid neutralizer for well water pH increasing.
5600 10″x54″ Mineral tank 1.5 cubic ft.56AN-1054$699.00
Well water pH correction using a backwashing acid neutralizer with calcite minerals inside.


Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment systems listed on this page combine water softeners with water conditioners for a complete home conditioning and purification system that saves you money for volume buying. Whether you have city water or well water one of these treatment systems is sure to be right for you. Feel free to swap units of the same price around to meet your particular needs. Add a 4 stage 50 Gallon per day reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system to any system below for only $179 more. The best value on the internet. It is not cheap equipment like some low priced sites. It is the highest quality PREMIUM equipment at the lowest prices.

DescriptionSKU #PricePurchase Here
Fleck 6700 32,000 Water Softener and 10″x40″ Carbon TankWS-1$1075.00
Back washing calcite tank to raise pH in problem well water.